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A method of decorating fabrics consisting in embroidering patterns on the material (background) with a needle or crochet hook, thread and various accessories. Since 1828 embroidery has been done not only by hand but also by machine. Clothes were decorated this way already in antiquity. The Peruvian Indians, who lived in South America before the Incas and the ancient Chinese, among others, achieved mastery in this craft. Many embroidery techniques have been developed over the centuries. All of them are about searching for an ornament according to a particular pattern in such a way that the decorative elements seem to be attached to the fabric which is a background for them. We make computer embroidery on clothing, fabrics, knitwear, trimmings and corporate and advertising gadgets.

Screen printing

Screen printing is an extremely versatile marking technique. It can be used on various types of materials, such as: fabric, cotton, knitwear, as well as wood or plastic. That is why it can be used for marking bags, clothes, umbrellas, hats, as well as plastic, wooden and leather gadgets. The use of very durable printing inks guarantees that the prints are resistant to UV radiation, humidity, mechanical damage or washing. Thanks to the large number of inks, it is possible to obtain extremely clear and fully saturated colors. Screen printing is possible on both flat and cylindrical surfaces.

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